IEO for grade 2

A look at the syllabus for IEO for class 2. I have tried designing the lessons based on the  previous year question papers.

Chapter 1 : Picture quiz

-> Identify the pictures of animals

-> Identify pictures of clothing and personal items

-> Identify pictures of buildings

-> Identify pictures of furnitures and gadgets

-> Identify pictures of body parts

-> identify the collective noun related to the picture

Chapter 2 : Nouns

-> Picture quiz

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Jumbled words

Tips and Tricks

1.Hunt for the common English prefixes and suffixes – sets of letters that commonly occur at the beginning or end of a word.

Common Prefix – ‘a’,’de’,’di’,’per’,’un’,’in’,’up’ etc

Common Suffix – ‘ s’,’en’,’ed’,’ing etc

2. Once you identify a potential suffix you can make with your letters, remove those letters from the pile and see what you can construct with the remaining letters. Eliminating even a few of the letters by grouping them into a prefix or suffix makes it a lot easier to unscramble the word by reducing the number of possible solutions.

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